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ESCAPE- Creativity at work for social inclusionAmstetten/UlmerfeldNovember 2018SOFT-Social Skills, Opportunities, Forward, TrainingLinz/AustriaMärz 2017Objectives SOFT:• to promote cultural awareness in participants and their intercultural learning process.• to offer to participants a clear methodological approach and new tools based on arts andcreativity in order to improve the impact of their youth social initiatives.• to share among participant’s local best practices in youth work and creative working methodsfocused on promote social inclusion among young people.• to foster new networking youth initiatives based on arts and creativity as tools for social transformationLanguage of instruction: EnglishCertificate: European Youth PassActing Youth-Connecting EuropeLinz/AustriaOktober 2014The main theme throughout the project will be Intercultural dialogue and social exclusion. The training is based on practical work.The work will involve theatre workshop, physical work, performance, movement work, team building, training and other theatrical methods. The work will primarily be creative, self reflective, collaborative, and intensive, largely movement and physical based. This training will be intensive, residential with no access to main urban areas. Language of instruction: EnglishCertificate: European Youth PassIntercultural Tools - Creativity in Youth WorkLinz/AustriaNovember 2013This Trainingscourse aimed to target young people to contribute to develop their capabilities of workers in the civil society organisations or in the youth field. Participants will have the experience or the interest in working with young people, they will be 20 with an interest in creative tools (arts, theatre etc.). The countries involved will be: Austria, Italy, UK, Sweden, Greece, Poland and Germany.This Training Course will bring people from diverse European backgrounds together to learn innovative tools for engaging youth in social action at the local level. The training is based on practical work also to promote intercultural dialogue. The project wants to sensibilise to this subject and intend to develope an awareness of the importance of the concept of Citizenship and its relevant connected issues. The activities will give the possibility to the participants to share and create new practices and plan how to transfer these concepts. Non formal education, theatre, team building, simulations, debates, working groups, evaluation session and performance will be the main methods used to deliver the programme.Extra Info: Paricipants having a practical experience performing in Linz as a resultat of the work done and as an important learning opportunity.Language of instruction: EnglishCertificate: European Youth PassLet´s be Digital Multipliers- Bridging the Digital Divide! Linz/AustriaAktion 4.3 Ausbildung und VernetzungNovember 2012beschäftigt sich mit der These der ungleichen Verteilung im Medienzugang (e-inclusion vs. e-exclusion) weltweit, was in weiterer Folge sowohl innerhalb einer Gesellschaft als auch auf internationaler Ebene zu einer neuen Form der informationellen Ungerechtigkeit führt und diese in informationsreiche und informationsarme Gruppen spaltet.22 Multi-Stakeholder Partnerschaften diskutierten auf internationaler Ebene über Prinzipien für eine gerechte Entwicklung der globalen Informations- und Wissensgesellschaft bezogen auf Jugend zwischen digitaler Spaltung und digitaler Integration. Projektinhalteo gerechte Entwicklung der globalen Informations- und Wissensgesellschafto digital gap / digital divideo Zugang zu Information und Wissen im Zeitalter der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologieno globales Lerneno Medienkompetenzo Multimedia Workshopso Projektmanagemento Evaluationo Multimediales AbschlusseventTrainingssprache: EnglischZertifikat: European Youth PassLink: digitalmultipliers.wordpress.comYouth and Work-Social Theatre Linz/Austria Aktion 4.3 Ausbildung und VernetzungOktober 2010Teilnehmende Länder: Österreich, England, Italien, Ungarn, Rumänien, Spanien, Lettland, Griechenland, Türkei, Bulgarien. 20 TeilnehmerInnen: bestehend aus Fachkräfte der Jugendarbeit, JugendleiterInnen, LehrerInnen, StudentInnen, SchauspielerInnen, InteressentInnen.Workshops, Teamarbeit, Präsentationen, Reflexion, Evaluation, Diskussionen, Theaterarbeit, Streetanimation uvm.Trainingssprache: Englisch 20 people from diverse European backgrounds participate in an activity using Theatre as a social tool. The primary focus of the Training to analyse the topical subject of unemployment and social inclusion. Activities: working in groups and having a practical experience performing in Linz area. Objectives: to raise debates and confrontations about the subject matterto introduce working methods using different experiencesto know organisations from other European countriesto create an atmosphere of mutual understanding betweenpeople from different culturesto develop innovative activities at local level Trainer: INCA – International Network for Culture and ArtsRiccardo Brunetti ItalienEmanuele Nargi EnglandPräsentation: 8. Jänner 2011, 15 Uhr /Passage Linz5 minutes of FameGárdony/ Hungary“5 minutes of fame”/ low-budget video productionas a PR tool in youth worktype of event: international training coursetopic: low-budget video productiontarget group: youth workersdates: October 26th - November 3rd 2012Partner: TE IS Foundationparticipants: 24MAIN ELEMENTS OF THE TRAINING COURSE--> introduction into PR and promotion--> building up competences in video production(storyboarding, acting, camera & lights, cutting, post-production)Giardino di Oren- All different all equalInternational Youth Meeting about Disability and DiversityItalien/Benevento Aktion 4.3 Ausbildung und VernetzungPartner INCA Italia/Il Mosaico-Cooperativa SocialeThis project aimed to provide through non-formal education:Konowledge and competences at international levelDevelope participants intercultural skillsExpand the relationship within organisations involved in promoting Diversity and working with disabilityExchange of good practices using intercultural methods and approachesActivate new processes of communication about the topic of diabilityAll above related to the topic of disability, social exclusion-inclusion, within the national realities and within international context.The training is based on practical work. There will be a final presentation with the community as a result of the work done and as an important learning opportunity for the participants.Language of instruction: EnglishPartners: Organisations and Groups that have an interest in the subject and/or have an artistic backgroundCultural Migrations Italien/Benevento & Altamura Aktion 1.1 JugendbegegungPartner INCA Italia/ Il Mosaico-Cooperativa SocialeCultural Migartions is a youth exchange that involves young people from Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Sweden. The exchange intends to develope ways to involve local young people in the sharing of different cultures and experiences. 18-25 years old people can get involved in building and sharing a creative spaceto develope their ideas and awareness of other cultures.Language of instruction: EnglishCreative Workshops - Excursions - Meetings - Events- Freestyle Animation - Games