TEK – Training, Exchange, Knowledge

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  • 15.11.2021
  • Erasmus+ KA2 TEK

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


The project expanded cooperation between three partners and the young people involved in the process.


The project focused on the exchange of practices through a combination of approaches to support the development of young artists from three European organizations. The project developed the competences of the participants using non-formal educational methods. The methods applied during the project fostered a creative approach using theater arts as the main tool.

ACTIVITIES The activities were divided into two levels: local and international, both in constant feedback. At the international level, three transnational meetings and three exchange activities were held. The participants acquired creative tools to be applied in their daily work and exchanged practices to improve the quality of their work. At the local level, workshops and presentations where participants applied the acquired tools, multiplying the impact of the results.

RESULTS/PRODUCTS The immediate result of the project was the creation of a group of fifteen experts in the use of immersive theater in education. The future aim of training them to become multipliers, using their newly acquired skills in their local work. The project produced a collective performance called ‘The Banquet’.

IMPACT The direct impact occurred among the participants and in their organizations. The long-term impact will be visible in the local organizations and communities of the participants.


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