Intercultural Tools - Creativity in Youth Work

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  • 27.02.2020
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Intercultural Tools - Creativity in Youth Work


November 2013

This Trainingscourse aimed to target 

young people to contribute to develop their capabilities of workers in the civil society organisations or in the youth field. Participants will have the experience or the interest in working with young people, they will be 20 with an interest in creative tools (arts, theatre etc.). The countries involved will be: Austria, Italy, UK, Sweden, Greece, Poland and Germany.

This Training Course will bring people from diverse European backgrounds together to learn innovative tools for engaging youth in social action at the local level. The training is based on practical work also to promote intercultural dialogue. The project wants to sensibilise to this subject and intend to develope an awareness of the importance of the concept of Citizenship 

and its relevant connected issues. The activities will give the possibility to the participants to share and create new practices and plan how to transfer these concepts. 

Non formal education, theatre, team building, simulations, debates, working groups, evaluation session 

and performance will be the main methods used to deliver the programme.

Extra Info: Paricipants having a practical experience performing in Linz as a resultat of the work done and 

as an important learning opportunity.

Language of instruction: English

Certificate: European Youth Pass

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